Freight Frenzy Results

1st Place

League Event One

November 13, 2021

1st Place

League Event Two

Postponed to Jan 22, 2022

1st Place

League Event Three

January 8, 2022

Winning Alliance Captain

League Tournament (Qualifier)

February 5, 2022


State Championship

March 12, 2022

World Championship

April 20-23, 2022

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About our Team - FTC 14840

The DCS MechWarriors Can Help Your Team Succeed!

We are a school-based robotics team from Forsyth, IL.  Our rookie season was 2018-2019.  We have participated in four FTC competitions: Rover Ruckus, Skystone, Ultimate Goal, and the current game, Freight Frenzy.  Over the past few years, we have gained experience in:

  • Android Studio (Java)
  • The Rev Control System
  • Fusion 360 (CAD)
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Manufacturing

If your team needs assistance getting started with these concepts, send us a message below.  We'd love to help! 

meet our Members

Our FTC team may consists of up to fifteen 7th - 12th grade students from Decatur Christian School.  Junior high members must take Arduino A, an introduction to small electronics, before joining.

Jonathan - Senior

Team Captain

Lead Programmer

Primary Driver

Sam - Junior

Lead Designer

Project Manager

Dean's List Nominee

Noah - Junior

Secondary Driver

Project Manager

Dean's List Nominee

Tyler - Senior

Event Photographer


Bekah - Freshman

Secondary Driver



Emma - Freshman

Drive Coach


Sara - 8th Grade

Social Media



Nate - 8TH GRADE

Builder (Mr. Fix-it)


Hailey - 8TH GRADE

Social Media



Become a MechWarrior...

contact us

Address: 137 S Grant St, Forsyth, IL, 62535, USA

School Phone: 217-877-5636

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